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daqron.com is a network of websites that tell the continuing story of a lonely Raindog, Jeremy Modjeska, who slowly travels the Universe on corporate America's budget. The Raindog has a blog at j.modjeska.us and other curiosities here on daqron.com. The Raindog is an American, which is admittedly a bit sad right now, and the Raindog realises that he lives in a mixed-up country with mixed-up people who are many of us a few crackers short of a trailer park; all the same, the Raindog doesn't care for your elitist superiority crap. After all, some of us are trying.

Contained herein: information pertaining to and created by the subject, the Raindog, being a character of vast complexity and endowed with immoderate craft in the variegated geekish métiers. This digital recounting of the journey aspires to wax prodigious as the subject augments it with elucidative lore apropos himself.

This site has undergone some recent changes including a traumatic server crash in February 2008, and as a result some old links and scripts may result in missing pages and/or errors. Please notify me if you experience such things.

schiffer broke a bottle on morgan's head
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